Titan. Visionary. Dream-maker. Harvey Weinstein was the self-styled ‘Emperor’ of Hollywood. Until it all came crashing down with a barrage of allegations: harassment, blackmail, sexual assault, rape.

How did one man operate with such impunity for so long? What can the epic rise and fall of one of the great movie moguls of our age reveal about how power is sought and manipulated? And to what extent can we all be held complicit in permitting, even enabling, such behaviour?

“Untouchable” uncovers a Shakespearean tale for our times; where a powerful man is unveiled as a sociopathic predator, destroyed by his own avarice and need for fame, glory and acclamation – perhaps holding up a mirror to a sickness at the heart of today’s culture of ‘likes and followers’.

Highly narrative in approach – and told from the point of view of people on the receiving end of his abusive behaviour and those who sought to expose it – “Untouchable” is a deep-dive account of the man behind the most extraordinary Hollywood scandal of all time. But the impact of this scandal reaches far beyond Hollywood, and this film implicitly poses challenging questions about global society, it’s current leaders and where, collectively, we can go from here.


Ursula Macfarlane