Sunny Dancer



Hanging out with mates, partying hard, losing your virginity… That’s how most teenage girls get to spend their last summer before they turn 18.
But not Ivy.
Her lovingly overbearing parents have other plans… She is being forced to spend four weeks at Children Run Free Camp, a camp for young adults affected by cancer, and, as their slogan insists “Where kids come to kid.”
A quick Google Search confirms Ivy’s fears when a shitty camp promo trailer pops up - think sunsets, crossfades, everything iMovie can vomit up. As if beating cancer wasn’t enough, now she has to go to summer camp…
But ‘Chemo camp’ may be much more inspiring than expected.
Yes, the canteen is covered in embarrassingly patronising cancer quotes, and yes, the talent show is compulsory, but she ends up meeting a group of similarly minded misfits who also just want to ‘fuck shit up’ and live life to the fullest... From snorting lines of prescription drugs to downing vodka and skinny dipping… And maybe even falling in love for the first time.
Sunny Dancer is a coming-of-age comedy-romance, celebrating love, friendship, and challenging adversity. It’s about feeling the most alive you’ve ever felt whilst the world has other plans for you.


George Jaques


Bella Ramsey, Louis Partridge, Ruby Stokes