Making Noise



Evelyn is born inquisitive, her future is bright and exciting.
But out of the blue - the 8 year old suddenly loses her hearing - her irreversible deafness is isolating and
In her deafness, Evelyn discovers her voice in the creation of music through percussion. Her ability to feel
sound through her body and her insatiable drive is what will make her and her music exceptional. With her
‘never-heard-before’ compositions, that cross genres and defy all musical norms - she shakes up the music
world and rewrites all the rules.
And now she has won her audience - but at what cost?
Percussion and the brutal work ethic required to excel at the heights of genius are a wildly emotional ride
not only for Evelyn, but also for those in her orbit.
Lovers, friends, and family, may be cast aside; and so, how is she to navigate her life-blood of percussion,
kinetic self-expression, and the needs of those who treasure her?
We are enthralled by the world's first ever solo percussionist.
We are inspired by Evelyn Glennie.
A voice that dares to be heard


Hope Dickson Leach


Morfydd Clark