Lies We Tell



The daunting, rambling estate of Knowl is no home for a young woman on her own, and certainly not for Maud (Agnes O’Casey) - just 18 years old. Freshly burdened with the sudden death of her father, and granted inheritance to his entire estate when she comes of age at 21, Maud is alone, unschooled in the ways of society, and vulnerable. The wolves begin to circle…

In a bewildering turn of events, Uncle Silas (David Wilmot) is revealed as Maud’s guardian in her Father’s will. A pariah of ‘society’, he is infamous for being a most vicious man, and a suspected murderer.
Despite all seeming appearances of gentility, Silas is furious at being denied his ‘rightful’ inheritance, he’d never expected his brother to have children in his later years. Silas’ thin veneer soon gives way to a more base human nature, and his lust and avarice emerge. And, in a world designed to constrain women, Silas deploys society’s most underhand weapons to bend Maud to his will…
Then, at her lowest - stripped of all dignity, rights and escape - Maud is also at her most dangerous: “Do you think it so little, my heart? You are mistaken.”

As family secrets are uncovered, the full force of Maud’s fury is unleashed across one shattering night at Knowl. No longer ‘darling Maud’, she strains every sinew to secure her right; she is transformational, powerful, elemental, commanding, ruthless and victorious.
Lies We Tell, inspired by the classic novel Uncle Silas by J. Sheridan Le Fanu, is a chilling and atmospheric


Lisa Mulcahy


Agnes O’Casey