JOY and MULLY are two lovable rogues, a pair of diamonds in the rough.

JOY (Oliva Colman) is pissed off – she’s got a baby and motherhood does not come naturally to her. She has to toss her own dreams aside and give this screeching monster unconditional love?

And, if honest to herself, when she looks in the mirror she sees a train-wreck and the shadow of her own neglectful mother.

Twelve-year-old MULLY (Charlie Reid) also has a mum-shaped void in his life. The problem now is that his Dad is a conman, preying on Mully’s innocence to fulfil his dodgy criminal habits.

But Mully’s got balls. He knicks his Dad’s stash of cash and steals a taxi in a bid for freedom. Suddenly there’s an almighty yell from the back seat. It’s Joy, hungover and freaking out from having passed out. And she’s holding a baby!!!!

Joy is looking for an escape too – hoping to dump the child with her best friend. Joy’s journey is fuelled by personal conflict, a lack of confidence, and a bit too much booze.

The stakes are high… Mully’s Dad is in serious trouble, on the hook to some seriously dangerous players, and Mully is the one with their cash.

Blasting through border patrols, nicking more cars, it’s a hoot – especially during the Summer Solstice festivities. It’s colourful, chaotic and just good fun.

What we really discover is that Joy needs to reclaim herself – unloved by her mother, she has never felt whole. And Mully, unloved by his father, needs to reclaim his childhood.

As they tear up the road on their riotous misadventure, these roguish ‘outlaws’ come full circle – and have their dreams come true.

A feel-good, foul-mouthed fairy-tale.


Emer Reynolds


Olivia Colman, Charlie Reid