Sisters Ella (Bella Ramsey) and Jo (Odessa Young) embark on a heart-pounding psychological challenge to liberate their mother Rita (Naomi Watts) from an insidious cult.
Entranced by the cult leader, the beguiling and mesmeric Lorde (Vicky Krieps), Rita renounces her family to embrace the world of the enigmatic Harmonia commune.
As Rita’s daughters forge their way to the isolated compound, buried secrets and truths threaten to fracture their familial bond.
Ella and Jo put everything on the line to infiltrate the cult and bring their mother back home. Yet once
immersed, they are trapped within Lorde's labyrinthine web of psycho-spiritual manipulation.
As the sisters expose Harmonia's conspiracy of dark secrets - from rituals of gruelling starvation to eerie burials - they battle not only for their mother's survival but also for their own. They must confront a ‘Sophie's Choice’ that pushes the limits of family loyalty and tests their resolve to fight Lorde’s malevolent control.
HARMONIA is captivating, unsettling, timely, and deeply honest. Intricate family dynamics wrestle with the alluring power of cult, interrogating how far we will go to protect those we most cherish whilst facing the pulse of temptation.

Prepare yourself for a chilling ascent into real psychological fear.

Inspired by the true story of director Guy Nattiv’s grandmother.


Guy Nattiv


Bella Ramsey, Vicky Krieps, Odessa Young, Naomi Watts