Emily (Emma Mackey) wears a mask. The world tells her she must be quiet, obedient, dutiful. She certainly must neither speak her mind nor share her thoughts, feelings, and dreams.
Emily though, is wildly alive. She rages with emotion, has a voice yearning to be heard, and her mind is overwhelmed by imagination. She has no interest in staying silent and doing what others want.
And Emily is about to show you why.
Debut filmmaker Frances O’Connor finds her own voice, immersing you in Emily Brontë’s hidden world: Emily is a rebel and misfit, a young woman daring to form herself, to embrace her true nature…to hell with the consequences.
We share the innermost relationships that inspired Emily. They are revelations of untold truths – her raw, passionate sisterhood for Charlotte (Amelia Gething) and Anne; her first aching, forbidden love for Weightman (Oliver Jackson – Cohen) and her care for her maverick brother (Fionn Whitehead) whom she idolises.
Who was this young woman whose heart burned with such love and life, and who wrote literature’s timeless and searing masterpiece, Wuthering Heights?
EMILY shouts directly to women today: not to hide behind a mask, but to challenge themselves – find their authentic voice, seize humanity, and unleash their own potential.


Frances O’Connor


Emma Mackey, Fionn Whitehead, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Amelia Gething