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Barcelona, 1975: a city of boiling dissent against Franco’s dictatorship.

Brothers Fernando (Iván Massagué) and Alberto (Pol López), rebellious activists by nature and chefs by trade, are forced into hiding in Cadaqués, an idyllic coastal village and home of legendary artist Salvador Dalí.

The little streets of Cadaqués are home to Dalí’s surrealist imagination and also a ramshackle beachside restaurant, where the beautiful Lola (Clara Ponsot) rescues the brothers by finding them work.

Employed by her wildly eccentric father Jules (José García), Fernando is intoxicated by Dalí’s fantastic creations and begins to fall madly in love with Lola.

Meanwhile, Jules’s obsessive dream – to entice Dalí to dine at his chaotically magical restaurant – unleashes Fernando’s genius, and an ambition to create a lifetime culinary masterpiece for the greatest living master himself.

Yet Dalí remains elusive, and Alberto continues to stir unrest. The brothers are on the verge of throwing away everything they’ve created…

But inspired by this cauldron of ingredients, Fernando serves up a revolution all of his own making: Dalí can no longer resist… and the planet’s greatest restaurant, El Surreal, is born!

An enchanting fairytale WAITING FOR DALI is an escapist, sun-drenched love story that celebrates genius; with a rich emotional voice that grabs life and lives it to the full.



Jose Garcia – Jules

Ivan Massague – Fernando

Pol Lopez – Alberto

Clara Monsot – Lola

Nicolas Cazale – Francois

Paco Tous – Teniente Garrido


Director & Writer – David Pujol

Producers – Roger Corbi & Yan Fisher