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What makes a monster? You may well wonder.

Clinging to civilisation, deep in the wilds of Ireland, lies the vast and remote estate of Knowl. Forbidding, imposing – a place of secrets, ominously looming over the surrounding forest…

Knowl is no home for a young woman, and certainly not for Maud (Agnes O’Casey) – just 18 years old. Freshly burdened with the sudden death of her father, and granted inheritance to his entire estate, Maud is alone, unschooled in the ways of society, and vulnerable. The wolves begin to circle…

Uncle Silas (David Wilmot) is hardly suitable to be entrusted with the care of an impressionable young woman. Elegant, rakish, and infamous for being a most vicious young man, he is also suspected of murder. Furious at being denied his ‘rightful’ inheritance, Uncle Silas is the man that society sees fit to be Maud’s trustee, until she turns 21.

And it is Silas who plays the puppet-master to an ensemble of predators, all out to get their piece of flesh – his children; Emily, worldly, quite the opposite to Maud; Edward, a strong determined young man, poisoned by his father’s will; also the cowardly local Dr Bryerly; and Captain Ilbury, an opportunistic schemer.

Maud thinks she can keep them at bay; by resorting to the law, trusting in the gentility of society and the goodness of hearts. But this thin veneer soon gives way to base human desires and the instincts of her own flesh and blood, their lust and avarice, emerge. And, in a world designed to constrain women, Silas deploys all of society’s weapons to bend Maud to his will…

Then, at her lowest – stripped of all dignity, rights and escape – Maud is also at her most dangerous: “Do you think it so little, my heart? You are mistaken.”

Silas has not reckoned upon the sheer strength of Maud’s primal nature, her power to defy – and he soon learns that it’s never wise to corner a wild animal in its own lair!

As family secrets are uncovered, the full force of Maud’s fury is unleashed across one shattering night at Knowl. No longer ‘darling Maud’, she strains every sinew to secure her right; she is transformational, powerful, elemental, commanding, ruthless and victorious.

LIES WE TELL, adapted from the classic novel by J. Sheridan Le Fanu, is a chilling and atmospheric thriller. Maud is a heroine for our times, and we share her power to resist and overcome.



Cast: Agnes O’Casey

Director: Lisa Mulcahy

Writer: Elisabeth Gooch

Producer: Ruth Carter

Executive Producer: Dearbhla Regan